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The church of Christ at Finger, Tennessee had its beginning in 1905 when about twenty people met in the Possum Trot Schoolhouse. For ten years the church met in the schoolhouse until the present location was procured. James Robert McIntyre (1849-1921) donated the property to the church with specified conditions. The McIntyre gift was given as a trust and covenant with the condition that “no instruments of music such as organs, violins, cornets, horns, or any other instruments are to be used in Sunday or Bible School, regular services, or church worship.” There were to be no suppers or plans for raising money for amusements. The property was given to trustees selected within the church. The original five trustees were George W. Dickey, W. H. “Tobe” Walker, M. A. Womble, Murry F. Walker and Clarence Barr. In 1915, a new meetinghouse was built but in 1917 a tornado “wrecked” the building which was later restored.

The first elders were James Robert McIntyre, W.H. Walker, and Clarence Barr. The present meeting house was built in 1958. In the late 1990s a new fellowship building and classrooms were constructed. Some of the early preachers were A.G. Freed, N. B. Hardeman, W.H. Owen, A. H. Lannom, L.L. Brigance, E. R. Harper, M. S. Mason, Ealon V. Wilson, R. E. Black, C. A. Wheeler, Coleman Crocker, B.B. James, and Paul Simon. Other preachers who have served include, Jimmy Vest, Evertt Huffard, B. J. Naylor, Earl Edwards, Stan Mitchell, and Tom L. Childers. –Some of the information above was taken from the book by John E. Talbott, Let’ Call It Finger: A History of North McNairy County and Finger, Tennessee and Its Surrounding Communities.

The present ministers are Tom L. Childers and Earl Edwards

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Tom L. Childers

Earl D. Edwards

Earl D. Edwards